The Stories4Hope podcast is a project that is focused on sharing powerful stories of personal resilience.  Listeners can expect to learn, relate and find hope in the pain and the strength shared by individuals with lived experience of mental illness and suicide. Please join us.

Episode 4


Loss by suicide can leave people profoundly changed with lifelong lasting impacts. Join Cecilia Marie (CM) Roberts in a conversation with Jane Brown about finding hope after suicide loss. Jane is the Peer Navigator with the Wellington Support After Suicide Team.

 *** Trigger warning – some discussion of suicide loss

Episode 3 of Stories4Hope


Myrna Hutchinson lost her son Steven to suicide. In the years since she has turned her grief into an act of love for other young people through GetInTouchforHutch. Join Cecilia Marie Roberts as she and Myrna talk about the transformational power of grief.

 *** Trigger warning – some discussion of suicide loss

Podcast Episode 2 with Wayne Simpson


Resilient: The Portraiture of Wayne Simpson is a stunning journey into the wisdom and resilience that comes with struggle. Join Cecilia Marie Roberts as she and Wayne talk about the power of the lens, the book and what it has meant for him to venture into the world of others.

Stories4Hope 1


Art can be used to give voice, open hearts and minds, foster acceptance, in short to strengthen community. Join Cecilia Marie Roberts as she and Michelle Peek, Executive Director of ArtNotShame explore the importance of using art to heal.

 *** Trigger warning – some discussion of suicide loss

Cecilia Marie Roberts on the mic

Your host, Cecilia Marie (CM) Roberts has been involved in community-based suicide prevention work for many years. She currently leads the implementation of the Here4Hope project, Wellington County’s framework for promoting life and preventing suicide.

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Warning: Although content is not explicit in nature, for some it could bring up emotions. If you would find it helpful to talk, please reach out. If you are in the Waterloo Wellington area call Here24/7. If you are listening from somewhere else in Canada please call the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566.