The warning signs of suicide are not always obvious and so it is important to be alert and aware of what to look for. Once you have had a chance to listen, connecting to support is essential. They can help a person sort through the pain, understand suicide and help them to stay safe.

Feeling a sense of connection and belonging greatly impacts our physical and mental health. It can reduce isolation and be a protective factor against suicide.

Reach out to someone and say thank you, you matter to me, or you got this.

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Here4Hope Promoting Efforts to Reduce Access to Lethal Means with New Resource

Promoting efforts to reduce the availability, accessibility and attractiveness of the means of suicide among individuals with identified suicide risk is an evidenced based suicide prevention intervention that can save lives. A person’s distress can sometimes escalate rapidly into thoughts of suicide and trying to end their life. The impulse and the readiness to end …

Here4Hope Promoting Efforts to Reduce Access to Lethal Means with New Resource Read More »

Grief After Suicide: Finding Hope and Healing

Workshop on March 5, 2020 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. In this workshop Dr John Jordan PhD, will draw on his years of experience as a grief therapist specializing in work with adult suicide loss survivors to describe the remarkable pathways of healing that survivors can travel.


Everyone struggles with emotional pain. For some the intense sadness leads to a belief that their life has no meaning and there is no hope. Someone thinking about suicide may be frightened, confused or even ashamed about what they are going through. This makes it too difficult to talk or to ask for help. Instead, they hide their pain. You can help. See the signs, start the conversation, connect to support.

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